Oct 15, 2012

Bombing Doesn't Solve Too Much

Balochistan (Baluchistan): Next Stop In Amerik...

This was apparently the threat made by the Americans to the Pakistanis if they didn't cooperate in removing the Taliban from Afghanistan. The claim does have some threads of credibility. Pakistan is basically a nerve center for global terrorism and Pakistani intelligence services helped establish and maintain the Taliban. They were useful to keep order in an otherwise violent and chaotic country with the possibility that it would spill over into Pakistan.

Pakistan is alleged to have sponsored terrorism against it hated neighbour and regional rival India. India appears a more committed ally to the West than Pakistan. Also, many elements within Pakistan’s hierarchy - military, intelligence and certainly religious - are basically anti-western anyway.

So it could well have taken the threat of bombing, the big stick, with promises of aid, the carrot, to get the Pakistanis to play ball. However, if they are doing so under duress it does bring into question just how reliable an ally they are and just how committed they really are to the war on terror.

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