Dec 21, 2012

H is for Handmade

English: Handmade Soap
H was a surprisingly hard letter to fill on this list. There's always holly and Herod but the former never really interested me and the latter is just a tad gruesome (although I did just read his Wikipedia entry and was surprised by the fact that he got married so often that he surely didn't have time for child massacres!) There was also holidays and happiness but I didn't really see how either of them were distinct from any other entry on the list. As a result I struggled but eventually realized this was the great addition.

H is for Handmade

(Just so you know, I'm just considering things that are handmade by family and friends (though come to think of it I can't ever remember getting something handmade from a friend) and not professionally handmade products).

I guess that, once again, this is a phrase that comes up more around this time of year than any other. From cards to toys and almost certainly something to do with family photos, we find ourselves bombarded with the poorly made it's-the-thought-that-counts items. Every parent of a child aged from about 4 to about 10 years old can expect to receive as many as ten different cards made of various foodstuffs, glitter and those cheap calendar things that you stick on to pictures. It is likely that they will receive at least one box made of cardboard and PVA glue which will likely contain a tasteless cake of some sort. Do I envy them? Of course I do. I can't help but feel that the giving of homemade gifts is something which is actually touching and truly worthy of the it's-the-thought-that-counts tag. (That being said there's nothing worse than getting photos of crappy relatives and their smug worthier-than-thou expressions.)

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